What we do (and why)

Connecting candidates with our members

We help 39 colleges and universities in England and 3 in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland find the best candidates for their land-based job opportunities.

You’ll remain in full control of your profile via the candidate portal, while our website works hard to find the roles suited to your needs. Sign up to email notifications and never miss an opportunity!  

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The members portal: stay in control

When you join Landex, you’ll gain access to a dedicated members portal. This enables you to manage all of the land-based jobs you post on our website, giving you full control over their availability, reach and description.

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The candidate portal: find your dream job

If you’re looking for an ideal land-based job, our website provides a super-simple search tool to find the best opportunities. You can also register for text and email notifications should a role appear in the future that matches your criteria.


Your platform for land-based college and university jobs

To find out more about the Landex platform, just get in touch with our friendly team today. Whether you’re a college or university looking for the best talent or someone who wants to break into the sector, we’re here to provide the best advice and guidance.

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